Grease Traps

Many businesses, especially restaurants and food-service establishments, utilize grease traps in order to manage oils and grease waste that passes through the sewer and drain system. Having a grease trap will help ensure that wastewater does not back up, thus disrupting your business! 

Grease Trap Maintenance

It is important that you maintain your grease trap to keep it in proper working order. We will inspect your grease trap to determine tank size, location and condition and recommend a maintenance plan that suits your needs. The best course of action is to call us BEFORE you have a backup! 

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Be sure to maintain your grease trap properly to prevent this from happening to you! Here you can see a very dirty grease trap. Allowing your grease trap to go without maintenance can result in a backup of wastewater, disrupting your business. Contact us today to keep things running smooth!
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